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J.R.R Tolkien and George R.R. Martin. Two authors to rule them all. 

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We did not name ourselves, that was not of our doing. They called us gods.

The fifth age of man has not been kind to the deathless gods of old. Their temples molder and their idols rot; the once-storied sky has been torn down, its bleeding carcass excised by imperfect numbers. The open places that were Hermes’ and Artemis’ purview have been stolen, swallowed by urban sprawl; Poseidon’s seas and the naiads’ rivers corrupted and fouled. In its time, humanity has taken all from the gods—all but Olympus, the last great haven.

But Prometheus’ chains have been broken, and humanity is determined to usher in a new age—baptized in the blood of the old.

OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN [featuring Javier Bardem as Poseidon, Rachel Weisz as Athena, Chris Hemsworth as Ares, and Deepika Padukone as Aphrodite]

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Did Charles Dance have a chimp around for tea? - Would I Lie to You?- Series 7 Episode 2 - BBC One

I want this man to narrate my life. 

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